Friday, December 28, 2012

Gotta blog or go blah blah blah!

Heeeeya! It's been so long since I've posted my last entry. I'm usually not a writer. But, I guess, due to unusual circumstances, I opted to write more and more entries for this coming year, 2013! How great is that? I will be writing as if I have readers. Haha.  You see, when you want to have this chit chat but you just don't have that kind of a person worth your trust to chat with, then I bet this is the best solution than talking  all by myself. So for me, this blog for now, will play to be my medium wherein I will be able to express my emotions. For now, just emotions. I'm not really into exposing your daily rituals in the media. Haha. No offense to the people who do that. Well, I guess Ive been there before and now I chose a different style. hehe.

So now, this blog will be full of apprehensions, testimonies of good and bad living, and life of a procrastinating nurse and of course, I do not want to sound bitter, thus, I would love to add abundant supply of powerful quotes, sayings, and everything alike, which probably I'll get most from twitter or  facebook. Haha.  (Thank you social media, you do give us positive outlook in life ^;^)

To start off, I'd like to share with you., my new career. This new job is  BLESSING, of course. Being accepted in a tertiary hospital is something to be proud of. And yes, I am, however, I have this constant feeling that I am not worth this kind of job. On the other hand, my good side is telling me that this is a chance to grow and be a better person. I've been such a bitter person lately and it does no good. I SWEAR! Sounds cliche, but yeah, it has to be repeated so people can get the gist of it.

I really don't know how to end blogs or even letters or even conversations, haha. So, I guess this will be for now. And I'll be posting maybe for the next few days to come just for this boring blog be updated! :D

Carlashi as sweet as honey

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Partially met goals.

So yesterday, 2 of my closest friends, Kharen, Yen and I went to a very adventurous and funny day out. Our main agenda was for Kharen to take her oath after passing the Nursing Board Exam last July 2011. Funny coz' the oath she has was completely like nothing and she could not even register in Cebu City as she took the exam in Cagayan. Anyways, our goal for that day was still met and that's the important thing; ^^ Next to that, they accompanied me to the Coffee bean and Tea Leaf HR department since I have planned to pass my resume for the Barista position too. I thought I got use with all the interviews and applying thingy, however, I still felt nervous  in just even handing in the resume. Gaaaaaaaah. I really wish I would be called for an exam and interview. I know the Barista Job is way tooo far from my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, however, I really wanna try this JOB! Honestly, I am so damn excited for this aside from applying for another teaching position. Kyahhhh!~

The highlight of the day is my ever first Starbucks Green Tea Latte which ended up in the hands of Yen since I got dizzy after 3-4 sips of it. Haha. Definitely not gonna buy a hot Green Latte! (Kinda disappointed tho coz' I ordered COLD but they gave me a HOT one.)tsk tsk. Not a good service. Haha.

A quick shot of my Tea covered with their brownish paper towel sealed with my wire ponytail. It actutally smelled like the sea and the taste was really not that bad. I guess I just couldnot handle fresh Green tea. lols

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our almost naked Christmas Tree.

It's 11.12.2011 and Christmas is definitely fast approaching. As promised, I bought Christmas tree and several Christmas decor. To my surprise, what I bought was not enough at all. Hahaha. Anyways, our tree is almost finish. It just needs more flowers and ribbons to give more life to it. :)

I am so damn excited for Christmas. I hope I will be able to buy good quality and affordable goodies for people whom I consider to be really part of my life. I also wish I could prepare some packed groceries for the needy ones. I don't wanna sound and look that I am earning much but I don't really need a lot of money or if I do, I'd definitely just use that money for material things(which most of the part end up unattended! kkk), thus, I hope I will be able to spare some of my savings for the less fortunate ones. 

So for now, here is my first Christmas tree! :D

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Peppero day!

I wanna be hyped  up with this great day. I have so many plans for this day and top on the list is to buy a Christmas tree and fill our little home with Christmas Spirit! Yay~ I am so excited for later! :)) It's exactly 2:36 AM and I am here awake, in our little dining area thinking a lot of things about my existence. ( Just look at how my mood shifts. haha. 0.o)

Anyways, I really feel not good lately, I've been so stressed out with my job as a Customer Account Executive (it sounds sooo effin' good huh?hahaha) I really want to stop. I know I can, anytime. However, I have reasons why I chose to extend my stay just a little more. I don't know how long will I be able to handle this turmoil in my heart but I will do my best til' I reach the end.

Another thing that bothers me is my transfer to another department. It's sad coz' I will be away from my team, from my close friends who never failed to strengthen me in times when I am so down. I just really don't know what I am capable to do when I will be away from them. I know it sounds so immature and yes, I admit, I am immature. I don't care at all. This is me and I know someday I will learn from all these experiences. I know I will, In God's precious time.

Okay! Enough with the pessimistic part!
Let us stick with the positive energy! We never know when our life ends so every moment should be a happy one! Let us do our very best to fulfill our dreams and of course to accept whatever it is given unto us as not all we ask will be given, but all that is given is surely for our best! God rocks!

Tomorrow, another entry of my Christmas tree :)

Happy Peppero day! :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Backpacking and Trekking

I have to save not just for my future but for me to be able to feed my hunger for nature as well. lols. I have long waited to be able to trek. Too bad 'coz in my circle of friends, nobody shares the same interest that  I have with Trekking. I have not tried it, not even once, but as seen on pictures through various blogs, I am so fascinated to chase that dream of walking through rugged and muddy steps nature has to offer. I am now so hyper not to use my money for food consumption. hahaha. Now, I need to look for the must haves for me to be prepared on that soon to be full of adventure day!

How great would it be to backpack and trek with my close friends! I will do my best to convince them! haha.
Wait for me, Mother Nature! :D

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Call Center Agent.

Life's tough. Really though. At first, I thought things would be easier this time with the path I chose which is to be a call center agent. I must say it isn't really that easy. I have to make so much adjustments especially on how to deal with the customers and learning about the product. I really hope I will be able to master the things that are essential for this job. I know that I am still a newbie and a lot of mistakes  are always expected but I just really hope I will be able to learn from those mistakes. whew. Honestly, I don't want to be a quitter. lol. But, there are always times when I feel so negative about the job especially when I get bad rates. Haha. Maybe, I shouldn't just take them so seriously, right? hehehe. I know anyone can be succeed in any field. One must just have the patience, determination and faith in God, as always. :)

P.S, Not to mention about my allergies which is almost present everyday. This is really actually annoying me. I better have this illness checked as well. hahaha. I guess my life's getting a lot colorful this year because of these experiences! weeeeeeeeeh!


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Yay~~~ finally got the time to blog about my new adventure in the COOKING WORLD! Haha. A couple of days ago, I have stumbled upon an interesting website which provides recipes on how to make traditional and famous Korean foods. As you see, I am such a KOREANATIC! I am one of those people who stays up all day and all night watching Kdramas [especially during my free days] and browsing the net about Kpop (not that much with regards to Kpop tho.) I have to blame the Kdramas with my ambitious longing on tasting the famous korean street foods. Haha. And since I cannot afford to fly to Korea at this time of my life and I don't have enough money to go to Korean restaurants, I've decided to look for recipes and cook them by myself! Haha. And I got really lucky. Some of my prayers were answered! Haha, Thank God! He's just the best. MAANGCHI (you can see the link of her site located on right side of my blog) saved me! kkkkk.

I decided to try Hoddeok since the ingredients aren't that hard to find.

So now, I'll be posting pictures of my Hoddeok! And Oh yeah, I still do have plans to taste real Korean dishes from Korean restaurants or perhaps from Korea itself, so that I can tell the difference. But as of now, I'm just really glad that my first project turned out really good ^_^

Last Friday (02-04-2011), my friend and I made Hoddeok with the sweet Brown sugar and cinnamon filling.
Here are the pics!
Isn't this pic cute? reminds me of how a mother holds her baby right after delivery. Weird, huh?

aww~ The oh-so-sweet filling! I love sweets but I can't finish 3 of these pancakes! They're too sweet for me! Supposedly, there should be chopped walnuts but I couldn't find one in our local grocery. The Cinnamon made the Hoddeok more tempting because of its sweet scent.
I won't post the ingredients used. You can simply go to Maangchi's site. See  the side bar of my blog. There's a link there!
My granny loves these sweet pancakes! I was amazed coz' she normally hates sweet foods and tries to avoid it as much as possible due to health conditions. hehe. Anyways, I don't plan to cook this kind of food on a daily basis.

This afternoon, 02-06-2011, we made Hoddeok with another filling and these were:

Ground meat
Sliced cabbage
Chopped potatoes and carrots

The outcome was better compared to the sweet brown sugar. And I bet it's a lot healthier because of the Cabbage contents. 

The meat with veggies filling! Inspired by the Takuyaki sold in some local malls in our place. 
There was a lot of the filling left. You can def pair it with rice too! haha

ooo~~~ really delicious especially when served hot!

My next project would be DEOKBUKI! spicy rice cakes! 
I gotta save up! 

Indeed, there are a lot of things to do with life and God always gives us a lot of options to choose from. All we need is to work our ass out and see what we can make. 

And I am now firm on my decision to start cooking! boink boink!

God bless, everyone!